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Free Valentine Printables

In the event, you are working on your A-game, I’m reposting some free Valentine Printables to make your life just a little bit easier.   Here’s what we did last year & I still like them!

Introducing the sour worm candy.  The only problem with this candy is I am liable to eat an entire bag.  Those that know me will tell you I don’t have a huge sweet tooth {chips & salsa please} but for whatever reason, these little candies keep disappearing.

I thought about using a fun punch to give them a cute edge, but remember, we’re going to be realistic!  So square it is.

The Lady informed me the other day that she needed a shoe box for her class party.  In her own words, ‘Mom…I need a shoe box for school…let’s go buy some shoes, so I can use the box.’

Perfectly sound reasoning if you ask me.


You can get yours here and here, share on Pinterest & Facebook if you download — thanks.

Life Actually

Life actually happens in the kitchen.  Sometimes I make so much effort to avoid the kitchen I miss all the action.  But last night instead of fighting it, I embraced it.  Broke out my cookbook & whipped up some homemade cornbread, with little helping hands & an egg borrowed from my neighbor.  I’m pretty sure he licked his fingers & then the bowl, but it was only once & I decided I didn’t care.

Why is it when we just decide we don’t care, that we actually don’t.  Like it doesn’t even bother us anymore?  Does that ever happen to you?  I’ve decided I need to not care more often. I’ve had the quote “say yes as often as you can,” from Sister Hinckley rattling around in my brain lately & the more I try it, the more I like it.  It gives you a license to not care & be little more spontaneous.  It also makes you think, ‘why am I even saying no in the first place?’  I usually don’t have good enough reasons to be saying no anyhow.  And I’ve learned my kids like me more & will oftentimes return the kindness.

Yesterday, for example, Zack asked me to go rollerblading with him.  My initial reaction, was no.  Maybe the reasons seem obvious — it was rollerblading after all.  I hesitated & then thought a minute.  I couldn’t go right then because Liv was headed to dance, but I could in 20 minutes, put Max in the jogger & in fact, go rollerblading.  I didn’t really want to, but I could, so we did.  You know what?  That was a good idea.  We laughed at ourselves & he had a few good falls & the weather was beautiful.  And what mom in her right mind tells her almost 8-year-old son, ‘no’ when he wants to play with HER?  During his 20 minute wait, he went to track down friends but hesitated & then made me promise I’d come track him down for our roller blade date.  I’m an idiot if I ever say no to that.  Feel free to honk & wave when you see us blading…we are quite a sight.

We drug some friends home with us from our roller blade trek & I switched out my skates for my slippers & watched them play out front for a few.  As I sat there my street began to fill up with cars for a neighboring school’s Christmas program.  There is always some scuttlebutt on Facebook about this school in our neighborhood.  So & so did this…I don’t like that…yada, yada, yada.  I knew I had a decision to make because I’m sure the parents of this school know some people aren’t always happy with the school which creates tension.  Have there been times it has been me unhappy?  Sure.  But like Sister Hinckley says, say yes more often.  So instead of giving them the death stare, I said hello, wished them good luck & complimented their snowman costume.  Because really, what do I care if they occasionally park on my street or turn around in my driveway?  They are moms & dads too, trying their best to choose a school that works for their family & enjoy a holiday play.  I can make that easier for them.

As the boys skated Max & headed in to tackle dinner.  We had to borrow a few things, but we got it done in between and around neighbors in & out, kids snacking & a few games of tag. We dished up & had our family home evening lesson around the dinner table because that is the best place to contain Max.  Then we scuttled off to baths, then homework, a Christmas movie & bed.

I was tired.  Really tired.  Like crawled right into my own bed after tucking them in tired.

But if there is anything I want my kids to know about me it is this: I am content & happy doing this & just this.  Nothing brings me more contentment than being a mom, nothing.  No job, no paycheck, no trip, nothing.  It’s messy, it’s always full of unexpected surprises & it will wear me flat out.  But there is nothing better & no where I’d rather be.  It’s never perfect: yesterday included Max wetting the bed during his nap & pooping in the tub after dinner…but the less I worry about it & the more I embrace it, the better it becomes.  A couple years ago, washing sheets & poop in the tub would have ruined my whole night, now, it hardly even registers on my radar, because that isn’t the important part.  The important parts are the conversations around the dinner table & the experiences on our roller blades.  Who knew roller blades would ever be classified as important?

Yeah me either, but life actually is pretty great when you say yes more.

Printable Templates: Teacher Gift Tags

Teacher Gift Tags

Printable Templates make any job easier & I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty amused with myself on this one.  I picked up this golden doggie tape dispenser from where else?  Target.  I wasn’t even sure what kind of printable template I was going to make with it, but I knew I’d like it on my desk, so naturally I assume my kids’ teachers would like it too.  I let the thought noodle for a bit & doggone it…I had a stroke of genius.  Okay, not really, but like I said, I was amused by it.

Teacher Gift Tags

Download your printable template here & please share!