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I love days like today.

It included driving carpool.  No make-up, sweats & driving through Kneaders for a cinnamon roll with my main sidekick.

A few fits over this or that.  Shared drinks in lawn chairs & skateboard tricks…or lack thereof.

Dirty toes & messy pants, which led to 3 different baths for a certain toddler.

Cartoon snuggles, then afternoon naps.  Homework & snacks.

Wrestling, tag at the park & ‘mom, watch this!’

Leftovers for dinner, baths for everyone, kisses & goodnight.

Let’s do it again tomorrow, shall we?


First Day of School

Now that we are fully settled into fall & the school season, I suppose I should document the first day of school. 

I love these little nuggets & could hardly stand to send them out the door.  Although by the end of the summer, I’m pretty sure we were all ready for a little more structure.  I managed to even have them to bed late the last night of summer, because I’m mom-of-the-year like that.  We were busy skateboarding, which was more important than showers & bedtimes!

Liv was all set to tackle kinder & while Zack, has in the past had, a bad case of the nerves on the first day, this year, he was happy to show Liv how it was done.  It’s been interesting how having her there with him, has made it easier for him to go each day.  The last two years I had to have my friends always drive the morning shift of carpool because he wouldn’t get out of my car!  This year? No problem.

I mean, if this girl walked into your kinder class, wouldn’t you just die?  I know I about died sending her in.  But Liv is all about school.  She comes home tired, but is ready to get her homework done, ‘just right.’  She is my rule-follower & so school is her jam!

And this boy.  Geez.  What is it about your first born that is always so hard to send them off?  He always has to blaze the trail & I’m pretty sure I’ll ruin him before I’m done with him, but he manages to work through all the crazy things I do.  The older he gets, the more I like him.  Not love him, because that is a given, but really like him.  He’s funny & I can appreciate that.

Yep, I was that mom in the classroom with the camera.  So what.  I have this to show for it.  Totally worth it.:)

Zack & his buddy showed up in the same tees…and with that, they were off.  Max & I came home & just looked at each other.

I was at a complete loss as to what to do with him all day by myself.  So we laid on the couch & watched Lion King & I cried over Simba growing up alone & not realizing who he was.  To say I was emotional, is a fair statement.  But really, that movie gets me every time & I always think of my kids & wonder if they know who they are & what they are capable of.  I hope so.

We waited in the long line of anxious moms to pick up kiddies after school.  Since we live on the surface of the sun & it was literally 108 degrees out, we had to stop for Icee’s, right?  Could you die?  Sometimes I have to pinch myself that these are my people…but usually not, they are usually yelling, screaming or throwing something, so I’m always always aware that they are mine.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Easy Cooking: Mexican Corn Chowder

Rainy days call for easy cooking of delicious soul food.  What qualifies as soul food?  I don’t really know, but when I googled it it said, “traditional southern African-American food.”  With that definition this probably doesn’t qualify, but whatever, it is warm, delicious & always leaves me more than satisfied, which has got to be good for the soul!

Corn Chowder

Mexican Corn Chowder

1 1/2 lbs cooked chicken {I always us a rotisserie chicken}

1/2 C chopped onion

1-2 gloves garlic, minced

3 TB butter

2 chicken buillion cubes

1 C hot water

1 tsp cumin

2 C half & half

2 C monterrey jack cheese, shredded

1 can cream style corn

1 can regualar corn

1 can green chilies, undrained

1/4-1 tsp Tabasco sauce

Saute chicken in butter with onion & garlic.  Dissolve bouillon in water and add along with cumin.  Boil 5 minutes.  Add remaining ingredients and stir until cheese is melted & soup is heated through.  Garnish with tomato, avocado & fresh cilantro.  Serve with tortilla chips crushed on top, or with corn bread.


October 8, 2014 - 5:50 pm

Rylee - Um, YUM! I need to make this next week!!! MMM.

Printable Templates: Halloween

Halloween Printables
Today I’m so happy to have some printable templates for you today…Halloween style.  If you are new around here, you might not know the love affair I have with Halloween.  It is by far, my favorite holiday.  And since I’ve designed Halloween printable templates for years, I figure you all should have some.

This printable template is 8×10 and you can download it here. I use these all over the place: on bulletin boards, taped to my kids walls with washi tape, or framed around the house.

If you love it, share it on facebook, pin to pinterest or post it with the tag #inkdprintables.  I want to see!

This week we are busy trying to finish getting all our Halloween stuff up & out.  I had to show incredible restraint waiting until October to put it up & I’m glad I did.  There is finally a crisp in the air & it makes puttering in the yard MUCH more enjoyable.  My only problem is, I’ve misplaced a Halloween box.  I’ve pulled down just about every random, unmarked box to ensure it isn’t the one in the very tippy top of the garage…apparently it is.  Hopefully I don’t kill myself trying to retrieve it this afternoon…and note to self: mark your boxes better.

Check back next week, for more printable templates…I should probably just have one every day, right?

Latest Fashion Collab.

Introducing our latest fashion collaboration: A Little Dash of Darling for Olive Lane.  I’ve loved Caitlin’s work for so long.  She has a great eye & always presents a visual masterpiece.  Coming from a graphic design background, you’d be surprised how often I’d look to fashion for inspiration.  Caitlin has always provided a beautiful palette to pull from & I’m so excited to have her on board with Olive Lane.

sunnies {the Loft, similar}, shirt {Olive Lane}, skirt {old}, booties {Nordstrom}, bracelet, {Olive Lane } necklace, {gLockets & Olive Lane}

We had so much fun working together to create your favorite go-to tee this fall.  It will be your favorite layering piece & will dress up & dress down.

Sunnies {the Loft, similar}, shirt {Olive Lane}, Jacket {H&M}, Jeans {Old Navy}, Shoes…Steve Madden, mine are the kid version {no joke}

Sunnies {Kate Spade, similar}, shirt {Olive Lane}, Chambray Shirt {Old Navy}, Leather Leggins {Nordstrom Rack}, Shoes {Toms}

It can handle a night on the town & a day of Saturday errands.

Confession: When I first got my hands on this shirt I wore it for an entire week straight.  It’s that good.

Even better?  We have it available in tween sizes too!

Another confession:  I am wearing the girls size XL in the above photos, I also wear the adult XS.  The tees run a little big, so size down if you are on the fence! You can snag yours on pre-order over at Olive Lane & run don’t walk over to A Little Dash of Darling to see Caitlin’s take on style.