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Gallery Wall: Liv’s Room

Bedroom Gallery Wall

I’ve finally finished Liv’s gallery wall.  Over the summer we did a little bedroom switch-a-roo & most the walls are still bare.  I’m really good at starting new businesses & designing new things, not so great at finishing projects around the house.  But today, I found the last two pieces I didn’t know I needed.  I mean, I knew I needed something, I just wasn’t sure what.

When I started this wall, my goal was not to spend a ton of money on it.  I have piles & piles of picture frames, stacks of art prints & boxes brimming with ‘home decor.’  Surely I could use what I had on hand.  And for the most part I did.  The ‘Child of God’ and ‘I {heart} Temple’ prints, were ones I did way back when.  The mirror & bust I inherited from a moving neighbor.  The shelf was, get this — a wedding present that sat in a closet for 10 years.  The ‘XO’ sign was another thing I made a couple years ago.  My mom made the chalkboard with Liv this summer & the big white frame is one my neighbor used to make.  Inside is one of my own art prints, designed with Liv in mind.  I had had another from above the picture of my kids & it just wasn’t working.

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Today, I picked up the Gilbert Temple print from Taylor Town Design Shop and that polka dot heart from BD Design – they were both at a local boutique today, lucky me!  I wasn’t quite sure where I was going to put that polka dot heart, I just knew I needed it.  My love affair with spray adhesive & gold glitter continues. 

BEdroom Gallery Wall

I knew I wanted the Gilbert Temple in her room — I’m trying to get pictures of Christ & temples in each of my kids rooms & I loved this little watercolor version for Liv.  It suits her & her room.  So naturally, I came home ready to find a place to hang it.  Down came that frame that wasn’t working & up when that polka dot heart — didn’t even move the nail.  A little masking tape for the temple print & finally it felt cohesive & done.

A few other gallery walls I’m loving as well…

Bedroom Gallery Wall


I’m loving the flowers around the stag — just so happens Liv has a floral crown I painstakingly made for a Halloween costume she changed her mind on. Pretty sure, it will be on her wall just like so!

Bedroom Gallery Wall


I have always loved Anna Rifle’s work — and it holds up well in a gallery wall as well.  These prints all come from one of her calendars  — love them all framed up!

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Bedroom Gallery Wall

Next stop: the boys room, but that will have to wait until after Christmas…some pieces to each of theirs will find their way under the tree!

Yes, that’s right, they are getting home decor for Christmas…and they are going to LIKE it.

Probably not, but it should make for a good home video when they open it, right?

Max & Me


Each morning that little lady in the pink wakes me up & tries to drag me out of bed.  I convince her to lay on the couch awhile & she does, but inevitably comes back to ask if she can go potty {true story}.  I oblige her the potty.  Then she tells me she’s hungry & she feels like pancakes.  I’m still trying to pry my eyes open & already we are debating pancakes.  Scot usually obliges her on the weekends & makes enough to get me through some of the week & then I’m a big fat failure & we pour cold cereal & call it good.  Once she has me convinced it’s time to get up, I head down the hall to wake up her older brother.  I usually do this by just climbing in bed with him, where it is still warm & cozy.  Neither one of us like getting out of bed in the morning.  Meanwhile, Liv has herself & Max fed & is moving on to what she is going to wear.  Most days, she comes out like this, I curl her hair & she requests a bow, or headband or nothing at all.  Today she was extra fancy.  Zack gets ready as fast as humanly possible & then is ready to ‘wait’ out front for his ride.  Which means skateboard out front.  I always ask if his room is done & his bed made before he goes out & it never is.  And so he stomps down the hall calling out, ‘does it really matter?!?’  I strap on my mom jeans and let him know calling out that ‘yep it matters,’ back down the hallway.

And then they leave.


And it’s just me & him.  For the record, when they leave, he & I or mostly I am still in my pajamas. We shower & dress, meaning I, and head out for the day.  I’m almost halfway through the school year & I am still not used to just having one child home all day.  It’s like I can feel the time just slipping right through my fingertips & I hate it.  I hate that some days they are gone more than they are home & time is just marching right on by.  So in an effort to catch more of it, I bought myself a tri-pod for the sole purpose of taking pictures like this of me & Max…or whoever else I can sneak a picture of.

I want to remember every silly little thing about my life right. this. very. second.  I want to remember his growling little laugh when I squeeze his face, his tied up sweatshirt to be just like me & his backpack chock full of snacks.

I spend so much time behind my camera capturing pictures like this:

Which let’s be honest are amazing & are the ones I hang on my walls.  But this one tells me a more complete story,
because it includes me & this little relationship of ours. He’s my buddy these days & while some days & moments he can be a real butt {like when I try to buckle him in his car seat} for the most part, he’s agreed to still be my baby & give me kisses & dress twinsies with me & that is worth capturing on film & remembering.

November 21, 2014 - 9:23 am

Ali - cute!! and I have to say, Brynn will search for me all over the house and when she finally finds me she’ll be dancing around and say, “can I go potty?!” I SWEAR! It must be a girl thing!! I’m glad to know it’s not just happening at my house! Your kids are growing up!!!

Easy Cooking: Homemade Pretzels

Homemade Pretzels
I love a good mall pretzel…a lot.  And they are so easy!  For today’s easy cooking, I’ve got a no-fail homemade pretzel — with the homemade part being debatable depending on your definition.  I actually bought the Fleischmann’s pretzel kit {go ahead & debate how you classify these, but I’m sticking to homemade!}.  You add a few things, let them rise, roll them out, twist them up…you know follow all the directions right on the box.  The best thing is the toppings.

I had all sorts of ideas for toppings — cheese & bacon, salt & chocolate, cinnamon & sugar, salt & caramel — and then we all wanted salt with the chocolate over top & so that is as far as we got.  But the possibilities are endless.  And since I have a few more boxes of that ‘homemade’ mix, I’m pretty sure I’ll whip out another batch this week.

These are the best when they are warm & make a really really good dessert.  I’ve never been one for overly sweet desserts & have been known to turn down a cake or two, but when salt is mixed in with that sweetness?  Well I’ve found my match!  yikes, that is a good combo.


Life Actually

Life these days actually includes a toddler that tries to do the dishes.  It usually includes more mess making then mess cleaning.

Life actually includes mulit-tasking work with homework in my office. Froot Loops are also the perfect after-school-snack.  Not gonna lie, I enjoy a good bowl of Froot Loops at about 10pm as well.

Some days we do homework together, other days we do it in shifts — where I work with Liv & Zack plays with Max and then they flip flop. .  Zack is pretty self-sufficient with is, but some days I actually like to see what he is working on.  I’m finding that his math brain is more like his dad’s & less like his mom’s.  I can’t decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but Scot & I have laughed as we lay down at night as we quiz each other about how we do mental math.  For the record, I rearrange numbers in my head  — if the problem is 23 + 14, I add the 3+4 and then the 20+10 to get 37.  Scot doesn’t.  He stacks them on top of each other & works it down.  I keep trying to convert Zack to my method, I’ll let you know how it goes.  He also is aware of my sneaky picture ways…

Life actually includes a stack of shoes by the front door.  I kind of liked this one & even left it out all day.  These were our shoes that were all wet from the lawn on our Sunday night walk.  I like all those little feet a lot.

Life actually includes a little brother that dresses himself & ruins your house that you made for all your stuffed animals.  Naturally you should yell, scream & jump up and down.  Bonus points for making sure your hair catches the light. 

Life actually includes reading books on the lawn on a Sunday morning.  If only this peacefulness lasted.  It in fact, did not, but I like this snippet the very best, so I’m going to hang onto this moment & not the others.

Olive Lane Gives Back: Mia Moo Foundation

Cleft Lip/Palette

This week’s charity for Olive Lane Gives Back is the Mia Moo Foundation.  Each year my kids become heavily involved in our Give Back Campaign & this was their charity of choice.  I so appreciate the Robertson family & their dedication to family & belief system.  It is refreshing & honest & my son’s favorite show.  Not going to lie, I even enjoy watching it with him.  This past season they hi-lighted a granddaughter, Mia & her surgery to help further repair her cleft lip/palatte.  When Mia was first born, Jace & his wife, Missy had to go into debt in order for her to receive the treatment she needed.  The Mia Moo Foundation was set up to help other families to receive the medical attention they needed & to also provide emotional support.

I enjoyed watching it with Zack, as it was a good opportunity to teach him about it & look into their foundation.  I had told him he could pick one of the charities we supported & without hesitation he chose The Mia Moo Foundation.  I like the idea of kids helping kids!  So naturally we had to work on a new design.

Olive Lane Shop

You can get the latest kids tees in the shop & then post pics of your kids with the hashtag #olivelanegivesback to help us spread the word.