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I hope your Easter started out as great as ours!  I really appreciate taking pictures like this…you know the ones that will come back to haunt them in future years!  I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of me like this at this age!

Our Easter morning started with our earliest riser, Liv.  She got Zack up & they went & found their baskets before the Easter bunnies were even out of bed or aware that they were up.  Little butts.  Little did they know the Easter bunny was up until all hours.  Oh well.  We let them enjoy their baskets until Max woke up on his own about 45 minutes later.

I tried to avoid the candy this year & it was a miserable fail.  With a huge neighborhood egg hunt the day prior & two hunts the day of…well we were all more than a little wired. 

Our Easter baskets typically consist of things my kids need anyway.  I’m not a big fan of gifts for the sake of gifts, especially on such a religious holiday.  So they all got their Easter outfits, bathing suits, goggles & a new pair of shoes…or two. 

Zack was really fun this year & I’m glad that Scot insisted we have our own egg hunt because he was all over it.  And then proceeded to insist that we have an egg toss.  At the neighborhood celebration Zack & I did the egg toss & did pretty good.  At breakfast on Easter morning though he threw down & said that he probably would have won with dad.  Those are fighting words at my house.  So he had to prove it.  For the record, I’m pretty sure I was his better partner! haha.

Max won for best dressed in my house.  I’m not sure what it was, but it was the shoes.  I had to hold back from just eating him he looked so delicious.

They all cleaned up pretty nice & I wish I could show you the whole series of the pictures I took of all three.  Each one’s personality is so vivid.

After church we headed to my brother’s house for dinner & more egg hunts & an all around good time. 

He was pretty much magic.  Every egg was a surprise. I wish I could bottle him up.

He was all about the competition.  Climbing trees in search of the ‘golden’ egg.  Not this year…

Easter nights in Arizona are the absolute best.  The kids are happy, the grass is green & there is nothing better than laying on the lawn with your family…or playing intense trampoline games where people are launched off & tears inevitably follow.

Love the time we are able to take to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior & the people I get to celebrate it with.

Art Prints How To

I love seeing my art prints put to good use.  I am a firm believer in the power of words & am so conscious of what I put on the walls in my home.  My friend, Sally, from Sally Jensen Interiors fashioned them beautifully in her daughters’ room!  Now I want to re-do a few of my kids’ rooms.


Happy Girls  ||  Child of God  ||  I{heart}temple


Photo Credit:

Lindsay Brummer Photography 

Fabrics via

Caitlin Wilson Fabric

Amy Butler Fabric

Contact Sally for more information on any of the items in this room.


Can you believe it’s been a year since we opened shop at Olive Lane?  Me either.  But what a fun year it has been.  A lot of unexpected things came my way after opening up shop, some good, some not so good, but I’m grateful for all of them.  I’ve learned so so much & its been a fun process.

One by-product of Olive Lane that I wasn’t expecting was how interested my kids became in it.  Liv was all over the jewelry & she has a pretty good stash for a 4-year-old & Zack was all over the shirts & continually asked when I’d have some boy shirts…which led to Liv wanting some in her size too.  After being hounded, I finally told him I’d look into shirts for boys.  His stipulation: it had to be something he’d actually want to wear.  My stipulation: he had to let me take his picture.

As we talked more & more about it, he began taking more & more interest in it & so I struck a little deal with him.  He’s been trying to earn money for this & that & I told him that if he helped me I’d let him keep the profits from his shirt.  I again, had some stipulations, which were 50% had to be put in savings, 10% would go to tithing & then he could keep the rest.

I’m not quite sure yet, what I’ve agreed to, but I’m excited to watch this unfold & see where it takes us.

Naturally Zack was quick to negotiate the same deal for Liv.

And so without further adieu, their signature tees:

Olive Lane

Olive Lane

See them styled in the shop.

And since it’s our birthday, we’d better have some gifts, but this time they are for you!

Olive Lane Giveaway

Enter below to win a $50 gift card to Olive Lane and then head over to The Beauty Mark Girls to up your odds!


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Good Luck!

April 17, 2014 - 7:18 pm

MarRae Boyer - Love all of your stuff :-)

Love Personified

Free Printable

One of my favorite thoughts that came from General Conference about 6 months ago came from D. Todd Christofferson whose talk was entitled, The Moral Force of Women.  It’s been over 6 months & I still find myself with these words rattling around in my head:

“Years ago, while living in Mexico…I recall a particular young mother, one of many among the women of the Church in Mexico whose faith in God graces their lives so naturally that they seem scarcely aware of it. This lovely woman radiated a moral authority, born of goodness, that influenced all around her for good. With her husband, she sacrificed a number of pleasures and possessions for their higher priorities, seemingly without a second thought. Her ability to perform feats of lifting, bending, and balancing with her children was near superhuman. The demands on her were many and her tasks often repetitive and mundane, yet underneath it all was a beautiful serenity, a sense of being about God’s work. As with the Savior, she was ennobled by blessing others through service and sacrifice. She was love personified.”

It is that last sentence that has stuck with me.  Love personified.

You should know that I have a thing for words, so ‘personified’ has been mulled over in head a time or two.  In the dictionary we find that it is a verb {action word} that means, to attribute human nature or character to (an inanimate object or an abstraction), as in speech or writing or to represent (a thing or abstraction) in the form of a person, as in art.  I love the last little bit of that definition, ‘as in art.’

I’ve thought a lot about what ‘love personified’ actually looks like.  Christofferson drew a beautiful picture of what it looked like when he was in Mexico, but what does it look like at my house?  In my day to day?  How is our love as a family personified in our actions?  As a mother I appreciate the reference to it as art.  Motherhood is an art form & just like an artist hones his/her skill with practice, so does a mother with time.

Over the last 6 months I’ve paid attention to my actions more — what are they saying, what do they personified?  If it isn’t love, I try to make adjustments.  Shockingly enough, each day I find new adjustments to make.  But I think that is where the art lies; in the ability to be fluid & deliberate in our choices.

Free Printable

When we re-painted our family room, last year, I took down the photo wall that resided there & have yet to hang another.  As I’ve thought about what I want hanging on my walls, this thought kept coming to mind, but I didn’t want it as a framed print.  Inspiration finally struck & I printed it on a canvas.  While I go through a professional lab for all my portraits their canvases are expensive & I wasn’t quite willing to spend that much.  Costco to the rescue.  I was a little nervous about what the quality would be, but for $30 I gave it a go.  I’m happy to report, it’s perfect.

Free Printable

Now all I need to do is take some updated family pictures.

I think you should have one too.  They make a perfect Mother’s Day gift.  I printed mine at Costco on their 14×14 canvas.

Feel free to download the one pictured here or the chalkboard version one, here.



Readers Please!

If there is anything I want my kids to be, it is a reader.  I know that sounds so pathetic & perhaps dorky, but really, I love a reader & think it is so so important that they not only be good readers, but enjoy reading!  This is my Elementary Ed degree speaking in full force today.  So much of knowledge is obtain through reading, that I just can’t help myself to try and groom a little army of readers…and critical thinkers too.  But that is another post for another day.

Zack is finally to the point where he is an independent reader.  I hit up my local bookstore around Christmas time so that I could include some in his stocking & I wasn’t disappointed.  My mom always included a book in our stockings & I loved seeing what she chose for me each year.  If you aren’t sure which books to buy for your kids, go to your local bookstore & actually talk to the associate.  Each time I’ve been to our Barnes & Noble the associates in the kids section, always have good ideas for me.  A few of our favorites so far…

Horrible Harry

Nate The Great & The Boring Beach Bag

Stink & the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker

These were all books that Zack read by himself.  He has a little reading lamp by his bed & often times I’d find him up way past his bedtime, wanting to just finish this chapter.  He loved that they were chapter books, but they also have a decent amount of pictures & the type is larger — perfect for a beginning reader.  Also, all are books within a series, which always makes follow-up books an easy pick.


Mrs. Pigglewiggle series


These are books that are still a little advanced for my kids to read alone, but are prefect read-alouds. Part of growing a good reader is exposing them to literature that is a step or two above their ability.  These will all work well for a mixed audience of boys & girls.  I remember Matilda being one of the very first chapter books I read & it is still a favorite.  Dahl writes things like ‘little twits’ and your kids will find it hilarious…we are currently reading this one & I’ve forgotten how funny it is.  Once we are done, we’ll watch the movie.  Mrs. Pigglewiggle is another fantastic series.  It is kind of like a Mary Poppins type set up, but with fantastical mishaps & outrageous solutions.  Another one your kids will laugh out loud with.  The BFG is total fantasy & another favorite.  You’re boys will totally dig this one…BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant.

Mine will be finding a few of these & some others instead of treats in their Easter baskets this year.