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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Under $50

Gift Guide for Her

You’re gift guide for Valentine’s Day is here…for yourself & all under $50.  So send your boyfriend, husband, significant other.  While I love a good holiday celebrating love, well we don’t usually do too much for it, nor am I willing to go crazy in the spending department.  Wasn’t Christmas 5 minutes ago?  A small gift, clever card & our typical date night & we call it good.  Here are some of my picks for a thoughtful gift.

1. I’ve posted about these on my instagram {@olivelaneshop} & guys, I’m still obsessed.  I’ve never met a drink that didn’t need a straw & at $14, you may as well just buy 2 sets.   Trust me.  I’m adding to my collection asap,

2. There is nothing you own that you use more than your iphone, so why not get it a new outfit every now & again.  My husband bought me the nuud case for my phone {hated it} and while I appreciated his thought {don’t break this thing again}, it’s time for a new case.  For those wondering, the nuud cases are waterproof, drop proof & also phone proof…no one could ever hear me with that thing on my phone. Snag this one on extra sale with code: FINDAFAVE

3. Seriously it’s embarrassing how much I wear this shirt.  Soft, fits good & makes getting dressed easy.  Not to mention a Valentine’s shirt without red or pink?  Crazy talk.

4. Do I need to tell you why these are awesome?  Probably not, but I will tell you that when you sign up at JustFab.com, they are under $15 with shipping!  Seriously.

5. I love a good catchall & this is pretty in pink & will be the perfect feminine touch on my vanity.  Get it here.

Skip the Gym: Mow the Lawn Instead

Skip the gym…and mow the lawn instead.  I’ve long since reconciled myself with the fact that I’m not a gym person.  I’ve tried many, from the inexpensive joint on the corner at 5 am, to the top of the line one with a pool & A+ child care…and still?  nada.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like to be fit & feel like I’m in shape, but the gym is not the place for me.


My two biggest complaints with the gym are this: 1) The time factor.  By the time I get dressed, drive over, drop my kids in kiddie care, get into the class, say hello to a friend, then leave & come home, it takes way too much of my day & all I’ve taken care of is myself. 2) Two words: sensory overload.  A major motivation for me to exercise is the ability it has to clear my mind.  For whatever reason, 37 treadmills, 9 tv’s, music over the loud speakers & 63 people walking by…well it agitates me. Go figure.  I understand for some, the social aspect is surely a draw, but for me its all about the quiet.


It has taken me some time, but I’ve finally realized & accepted that it is most beneficial for me physically, mentally & spiritually to exercise outside, by myself or with one or two other people.  That is my recipe for success & I’ve found all sorts of ways to work it into my schedule.


One of my favorite ‘workouts’ to do is yard work.  The fact that I’m multi-tasking is a major bonus & it is a decent calorie burner.  I’ve never dieted, nor do I plan to start, but I do subscribe to the calories in –> calories out philosophy.  By way of comparison, if I were to run 6 miles in an hour (10 min pace) I’d burn over 500 calories. Truth be told, I’m not in that kind of shape, so we could really just cut that in half & those would be reasonable numbers.  Basic yoga for an hour puts you at about 200 calories, up it to close to 500 for hot yoga (which I actually love).  So where does lawn mowing put you?  Right at about 240 calories.


That’s good enough for me to consider it my work out.  Add in the fact that fresh cut lawn lines make my heart skip & that this is the scenery as I do it & I’m hooked.



Let us know your favorite non-conventional ways to get a work out in.

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Free Valentine Printable: Yoda

Getting punny over here today with our free valentine printable.  With 2 boys, we do lots of Star Wars, so naturally, I had to bring it into our Valentine mix.  This is perfect for a non-candy Valentine & super easy.  I attached glow sticks that are bracelet sized & taped the attachment piece on the back.

This download comes 4 to a page so just print on cardstock, cut out & then use an exacto knife to make a little slit for the ‘light saber’ and you’re done.  To make signing them a bit easier, have your kids to it before you attach the glow stick.


You can download your copy here, be sure to share on pinterest & your social media with #olivelanevalentine

Short Hair Tutorial: Side Knot


This is one of my favorite quick & easy hairstyles for short hair. Every time I wear it I get asked how to do it & may or may not have done some how to’s with my neighbors at the park.  I typically wear this on my no wash days just to keep more hair out of my face.  The side knot is just what it sounds like: knots.

For this hair tutorial, start with a small section of hair {smaller than even pictured} and then split it into two pieces.  Knot those two pieces & pull tight.  Pick up hair to each piece, like you would french braiding, but add hair to both pieces instead of just one, and knot again.  Pulling tight.  You can stop there, or again, pick up hair to each piece & you guessed it, knot & pull tight.  Finish off with a bobby pin & you’re done.

Free Valentine Printable

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve got a free printable so you can be on your A-game.  Printable comes with 3 to a page, so just download, print on cardstock & then attach your pixy stix.  I used an exacto knife to make my cuts, but I’m sure there are other ways.  If you make them, be sure to share on pinterest or on your social media with the hashtag #olivelanevalentine

If you can’t find pixy stix (I had to buy a kit of valentine’s just to get the stix!) or want a candy free version you could use a pencil as well.

You can download your copy here.