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Remember last week, when I was glittering frames?  Well it’s carried over to my pumpkins.  With the weather shifting I find myself coming up with all sorts of excuses to be outside & spray adhesive & glitter have led the charge.

There are a lot of things my house is lacking, a pool and a powder room, to be specific.  And well, I’d actually like to just plop it on a big ol’ piece of farmland, but I realize that is more than a stretch right now.  But the one thing my home boasts?  A front porch.  A killer front porch, to be specific.  Lots of room.  Lots of shade & my beloved tree swing.  I’m not sure why that tree swing adds so much charm, but man it does, especially when there is a 6 year-old boy swinging away on it.  Even better, after a year of having it my tree is strong enough to hold me holding my baby…who also happens to love a good tree swing.

Anyway, I figure you’ve got to work with what you’ve got & so my porch is housing my ever growing pumpkin collection.

All of the pumpkins are real, with the exception of the gold one.  That one is fake & started black.  I was originally going to spray it with gold polka dots, but word to the wise: Polka dots on pumpkins require perfection.  I don’t do perfection well, so I changed gears & it got an entire coat of gold spray paint.  Let that dry, add some spray adhesive and glitter away.

The little black one?  I sprayed that with chalk board paint.  Did you know they have a spray paint version of that?  I didn’t either, but when I saw it, I naturally had to bring it home with me.  It didn’t take me long to find a place to use it.  Not sure how great it is yet, as I haven’t put it to a strong test yet, but it works great for something seasonal like this.

Before you spray paint those pumpkins, remember to tape off the stem to keep it looking good.

Happy Fall.

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