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How to Print Better at Costco

Whether you admit it or not, we all know that the cheapest, most bang for you buck place to print your photos & printables is Costco.
I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Costco Photo Printing.
I love to hate it and…
I hate to love it.
Sometimes, it is just what makes the most sense, so even I, will on occasion skip my fancy dancy labs & head to Costco.  So here is the trick to actually getting a somewhat decent photo &/or printable artwork printed from there…
For the life of me, I cannot figure why their default photo finish is set to glossy.  Once you have your photos placed in your shopping cart, switch the finish to lustre!  Or curse yourself & Costo’s defaults when you pick up your fingerprinty glossy prints.  yuck.
This is a little tricky, because you will feel like you have already placed your order, but in fact, you can still make changes & this one is crucial to every designer & photographer.  When reviewing your order you will see the above box…you might have to look for it.  Click on the ‘edit options’ button because we want to turn the ‘auto correct’ OFF.  I have printed prints with this on & ALL my colors are wonky…which drives me a bit batty.  Typically they come back too red, if I haven’t turned this off.
When you click on the ‘edit options’ button in Step Two, you will be lead to this page, click that little box to turn off auto-correct, click continue & then thank me when you pick up your prints.
And that’s it.
Here’s to better prints from Costco!
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February 1, 2012 - 2:57 pm

BrownEyedGirlsMom - You know I am a Costco photo addict – so I truly truly appreciate this tutorial! I will be referencing it next time I order photos!

February 1, 2012 - 3:21 pm

Amberly - you’re such a smarty-pants! thanks for the tips!!

February 24, 2013 - 5:28 am

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February 24, 2013 - 2:55 pm

Emily @ ReMarkable Home - Thanks for the tips. I have hundreds of pictures to print and i’m trying to figure out where to do it. I was going to do costco but then heard bad things about it. But i need somewhere economical. Maybe i’ll give it a test run with your tips. thanks!

April 3, 2014 - 1:57 am

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